I help both youth & adults struggling with their mental health & life circumstances overcome their despair through effective coping strategy techniques & life skills coaching  

Let’s just set things straight right off the bat……I am lived experience on how mental illness can disrupt your life. Having too much pride to accept when things went wrong or when faced with life’s challenges. I could not cope, didn’t know what was wrong with me and had zero knowledge of how to help myself with life skills and coping strategies to get me out of my dark moments. Throw in all the undesirable side effects of mental illness & minimal support and it was not a good recipe!

Fast forward 30 years and several circumstantial depressive episodes later…..I am taking my experience with mental illness not as setbacks, but as perhaps the most beneficial, eye opening lessons of my life! In remission now for several years, I have solely focused on MY happiness through self care, self love and knowing my self worth

To quote Oprah….”Go to your destiny!” and that, my friends, is exactly what we all need to do! My destiny is to empower all who struggle by guiding you through your mental health and life journey so you can find your happy place again. It’s that simple!

As a certified mental health & life coach, it’s not so much about delving into the past, but concentrating on moving forward & feeling better. Finding peace, joy and serenity within yourself. And most of all strength to get you through to the light at the end of the tunnel. And in case you were wondering, yes that light is bright and beautiful!


It’s time to live again! You can and will overcome, you just have to believe in yourself. 

And I want to be right by your side rooting you on! Just call me your #1 supporter from here on in!


Idanna’s tip: 3 Key Factors to any Success in Life:

1. Education
3. Mentorship & Coaching

Let’s look at these from the context of mental health:

  1. Education: We as human beings must never be complacent and think we’ve learned all we need to know. In fact, we should be learning every day of our lives. With mental illness, whether mild, moderate or severe, you must first acknowledge that there is a problem. Second, you must understand your symptoms, and learn about what triggers you and the illness itself (if you have been diagnosed). Third, you must help yourself through coaching and/or therapy and have a medication plan in place through your doctor or psychiatrist.

  2. Relationships: The power of connection is absolutely imperative to your recovery! You must have a good support system in place and connecting with those that love and care for your wellbeing will make a world of difference for you in the long run. If you find yourself feeling alone, with minimal family/friends to talk to then that is all the more reason to reach out to someone like myself and also find community resources or online social groups that will be there for you. Rest assured….we will all show up for you! To join my Support for Depression Group Zoom Chat go to:   SFDG

  3. Mentorship & Coaching: If you can think of someone from your past or present, that you have sincerely looked up to, who would that be? ie: a sports coach or teacher at school; your boss, pastor at church, your mom or dad or other family or friend etc…. Anyone come to mind? What did they teach you? If you can, reach out to them. They would be only honored to know that they have had an impact on your life. Contact them, chat or spend time with them, they will make time for you if they know you are struggling.

As for me, I would love nothing more than to be your coach! Your #1 supporter! Your #1 fan!

With some understanding and coping strategies and goals in place, we can get through this together! It’s time to turn your PAIN into MEANING and live the life you want to live!

Now that you’ve already gotten some great advice (above), are you ready to start your path to recovery and most importantly……happiness! Let’s get that smile back on your face!

What is the difference between a therapist and a coach?

Put very simply, coaches work with you by tapping into your past struggles, however our primary focus is on moving forward with future goals, creating action plans and providing inspiration, guidance, motivation and support. We help you envision life without depression or whatever obstacles are in your way of finding true happiness. We give you the life skills training to get you to your happy place again and emotional well-being

On the other hand, a therapist will delve more into your past traumas and how they are affecting your every day living today by breaking down the problems and negative patterns you may have. Therapy can be a longer process, sometimes taking years to work with clients with more complex life experiences. They work with techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to reduce the symptoms relating to your trauma

So you see, although there are significant differences in counselling techniques there is an overlap. Both do a great job in helping clients, and they can even be used together for optimal growth in helping people overcome their mental health issues and work toward their life goals.

Idanna Auger

Certified Life Coach in:

Mental Health, Peer Support, Life Skills and Relationship

Idanna Auger is passionate about empowering others to overcome their mental illness as she is lived experience of how one can find true happiness again and live to their fullest potential to lead a rewarding lifestyle based on self worth, self care and self love. Idanna will give you the coping strategies and life skills necessary to enable you to achieve mental wellness and learn how to turn your pain into meaning. Idanna also specializes in Life & Relationship Coaching

Along with Idanna’s coaching, she is also a trained & certified mental health advisor for a peer to peer school program in the prevention of youth suicide called Hope Squad, and an author of a 3-step mental health Safety-Action Plan booklet created for youth ages 12-25, but I must re-iterate that this invaluable tool can be used by ANYONE who is struggling: “My Mental Health Journal to Recovery Safety-Action Plan

To learn more about this initiative or to purchase your downloadable version of my recovery booklet today, go to:


Here’s what clients are saying about

Idanna’s coaching services

“Idanna made me feel comfortable to open up with her. I didn’t feel judged at all which is a great feeling. She listened to me and I felt she understood me so well. She explained to me the cycle of depression which helped me understand myself better. She is very kind and her advice really helped me!”                                                              

YV, York Region Ontario

“Before Idanna, I was constantly worried and my anxiety made everyday tasks stressful. My sessions have given me the tools I need to cope with anxiety and live a happier life. My life has improved more than I thought possible. Making that first appointment was one of the best decisions I’ve made!”                              

IL, York Region, Ontario

Let’s do this Together!

I know you want to feel better! Don’t let fear get in the way. You got this, just trust in yourself that you can overcome these hurdles, and you will! And I’ll be right by your side every step of the way!


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Thank you for visiting with me. Let’s start turning your pain into meaning…today!

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