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At a young age I was very privileged to travel the world for work. Life experiences and successes that most don’t accomplish at such an early age. Then at age 20, while in Europe after a tour in Germany, I suffered from isolation and loneliness and plummeted into my first depression. More circumstantial depressions followed in my 30’s and 40’s when confronted with life altering situations, along with 3 brushes with death(2 of which were mental health related). A combination of pride, ill preparedness, lack of coping skills, and support resources = depression! Having lived the experience of most types of depression: Clinical, Dysthymia, Bi-Polar, Post-Partum, Psychosis and SAD (seasonal affective disorder), I’ve learned how to turn my pain into meaning and I've found a bigger purpose to my life and that is to help others struggling like I did. Here is what I do:

Mental Health & Peer Support Coaching

My vision and mission as a mental health advocate, advisor, author & coach is to help both youth and adults struggling with mental illness overcome their despair through peer support and mentorship coaching. By empowering all those struggling through guidance & support, inspiration & motivation

Life & Relationship Coaching

Life is going to throw you curve balls……I mean who would’ve ever thought we would have a pandemic in 2020. I think I can speak for the global population in saying, it’s messed with all of us on so many different levels! Well your life works on so many levels too. The ups with the downs, the good days and bad. Let’s face it…it’s a roller coaster sometimes and can be overwhelming. Relationships are the same, and only you can change the outcome of your destiny. It’s about learning life skills & strategies to get you through these tough times

As an added BONUS incentive along with your complimentary wellness session, if you sign up for any of my 3-month, 6-month, or 1 year wellness plans you will also receive my Safety-Action Plan booklet FREE OF CHARGE! That’s a $15 value plus I have many more discounts in store for you!

So do not hesitate and book your session with me today and start turning your pain into meaning!


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Email me at idanna.auger@hope4canada.com

Thank you for visiting with me. Let’s start turning your pain into meaning…today!

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