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A peer to peer school program in the prevention of youth suicide

Idanna Auger(Ontario Advisor/Liaison) has been trained & certified with Hope Squad- a youth suicide prevention program. We train teams of compassionate and caring youth with our extensive curriculum grades 4-12 and they become the eyes and ears of the school. They learn QPR training (Question Persuade Refer) and the warning signs to watch for in their peers, amongst so many other things ie: resiliency; anti-bullying; boundaries; self-care; suicide prevention and intervention.

Fact: 7 out of 10 youth will tell a friend before speaking with an adult.

Fact: Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among youth ages 10-18

Fact: 1 in 5 teens ages 13-18 seriously considered suicide

We are getting to these struggling youth in the early stages by giving teens the tools to recognize those in need and get them help. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes an entire community to save one. The critical part of the solution to the teen suicide epidemic are teens themselves.

What is Hope Squad?

Hope Squads reduce youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention. Hope Squad members are nominated by their classmates as trustworthy, compassionate peers and trained by advisors to watch for at-risk peers, provide friendship and seek help from an advisor or adult.

Hope Squad started in the US in 1998 by Principal Greg Hudnall after he started to lose count of the student funerals he had attended. After having to go identify one of his deceased students, he began Hope Squad which is now in 30 US States & Alberta Canada, in over 950+ schools, with over 30,000+ student members, and over 5000+ students referred for help. Hope Squad has been increasing their numbers at a rapid rate across North America and it’s time to spread the HOPE, start educating our children in mental health & suicide prevention & bring this school program to Ontario!

HOPE SQUAD members strive to:

Create a safe school environment

Promote connectedness

Support anti-bullying

Encourage mental wellness

Reduce mental health stigma

Prevent substance misuse


February 12th, 2021

Every year HOPE SQUADS across North America (30 US states and Canada in almost 1000 schools) celebrate #DayofHope on February 12th. It’s simply that…..a day to spread hope, love and awareness surrounding the importance of youth mental health throughout schools, communities and to all those that are suffering. We ALL need hope now more than ever to get us through these tough times

Please help raise awareness and participate on Friday February 12th by doing random acts of kindness; Pay-it-forward at drive-thru’s; taking a selfie holding up a paper that answers this question: What brings YOU hope? You can upload your photo and/or post your random acts of kindness (ie: pay-it-forward) on social media, and share to my fb page (use below link) so I can see your messages of hope!

It takes a village to raise a child. It takes an entire community to save one.

ATTENTION School Boards & Educators, Organizations, Businesses or Individuals across Ontario

Are you interested in collaborating with Idanna to help bring HOPE SQUAD to Ontario? Do you have further inquiries as to how this school program works? Please contact Idanna today to learn more about this phenomenal school based program designed to reduce youth suicide through education, training and peer intervention.

Featured on NBC Nightly News & in People Magazine!

Hope Squad has received media coverage across North America in almost every state and Alberta!

You want to know why?

Because we are a grassroots - Level 4 out of 5 evidence based organization that has been making a difference and saving youth lives for years! There is no secret to the success of Hope Squad and the method to achieving this….educate our students in mental health and suicide prevention! It’s that simple!

There is no other program like HOPE SQUAD! It’s all about prevention, intervention & postvention

Contact me now to inquire about Hope Squad

Here’s how a Hope Squad Team works

A HOPE SQUAD TEAM is a group of 10 to 30 students per school, who are nominated by their fellow peers. They become the eyes and ears of the school. Our teachers can’t see it all! Our curriculum starts in the Elementary schools with a more kindness approach covering the fundamentals: anti-bullying, boundaries, compassion, resiliency and self-care. Then Gr.s 7 thru 12, the curriculum focuses heavier on stress, grief, mental health stigma, warning signs and suicide prevention. Our teams also promote connectedness, inclusivity and school spirit, and become part of the DNA of the school. Check out these amazing videos and media coverage:

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If you are an Ontario School Board and require further documentation regarding Hope Squad, or you would like to collaborate, contribute, donate or sponsor to help bring this invaluable program to Ontario that is saving thousands of youth lives, please do not hesitate to contact me at the below email address

Email me at idanna.auger@hope4canada.com

Thank you for visiting with me. Let’s start turning your pain into meaning…today!

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