My Mental Health Journal to Recovery - Safety-Action Plan


Although this booklet is geared primarily to struggling youth and their families, it does not discriminate against adults who are struggling too. Rest assured that this booklet can help all those that suffer with it’s easy 3-step safety-action plan that can start you on your recovery journey while you are waiting for help, or while you are receiving help.

You must think of it this way and ask yourself this- just as you are prepared for when you or your child comes down with a physical ailment such as a cold, bad headache or sprained ankle, and your medicine cabinet is stocked with over-the-counter medications, how is your preparedness for when they are struggling mentally? Unfortunately not too many people know quite how to answer this incredibly important question! It’s about changing your mindset, because guess what…..the odds of them having some issues ie: down days, school or     social stressors, or other dilemmas/traumas during their youth years, whether mild, moderate or severe,               are quite high!

Is your teen showing warning signs or struggling with their mental health?

Are you feeling hopeless or as a parent, are you feeling helpless?

Not knowing what to do or where to turn to can be scary. Being on a waiting list to receive professional assistance can be difficult. I am here to tell you that there is hope and there is help in the meantime. As a mental health advocate, coach, advisor and mother of a teenager who has shown warning signs since age 10, I finally decided to take further action and create a tangible journal that my child can refer to when they are feeling overwhelmed, down or in crisis. Teens can be emotionally charged, impulsive at times, and often turn to their friends out of fear, shame & embarrassment. It is imperative that families communicate openly about their mental wellness and have a ‘Plan’ in place should problems arise…..and they most likely will at some point. Having a plan has proven to be key in supporting teens through challenging times. This is why I created "My Mental Health Journal To Recovery Safety Action Plan".

Cogeco TV Interview

Your teens wellness is important. Be prepared!

A very simple 3 Step booklet for all youth and their families, or those that suffer with their mental health,  to ease you through difficult times and understand your child’s feelings, body sensations, who to go to, what to say, and what to do and how to prevent further decline. Plus professional resources. So many families feel lost and helpless while their child is feeling down, depressed, hopeless and in some cases worse & in crisis. This small booklet will help clarify all of those issues and give families & individuals the tools they need to assist them while they are either waiting to see a professional, or are currently seeing one. It’s also an invaluable tool they can use throughout their lifetime. It’s piece of mind for parents and hope for their children in times of need.

To learn more or to purchase this incredible Safety - Action Plan that will aid with your child’s mental well-being, and to read more of what people are saying about my booklet, click on the link below now. You can also click on the photo to watch my interview with Cogeco TV

Our children are our treasures! It’s time to protect       their mental well-being!

Here’s just a glimpse of what people are saying about “My Mental Health Journal To Recovery Safety - Action Plan”

“I really hope this gets into the hands of as many people as possible! I like the idea of not waiting until a problem occurs. Like, if everyone just did this with their teens, they would know they have options. Hormones and teenage brains don’t function well together, and even as parents, we don’t always know what’s best, and that’s assuming they even come to us.”

Mom of a teen, York Region, Ontario

“The Mental Health Safety-Action Plan has been an instrumental tool in helping our son. Not only was it a huge step for him to be able to finally articulate how he is sometimes feeling, but it has been a valuable tool to help open the communication and give us a better understanding, so we can better support him through his tough days. Thank you Idanna for creating this booklet, it truly has helped us all get on the right path to recovery!”

Thankful Mom & Dad, York Region, Ontario

“This booklet is very useful for youth, whether they are struggling or not. It gives people more awareness of mental health and it provides strategies for youth to cope who are feeling lost or depressed. I think the journal would be a good tool in combination with counselling for struggling teens.”

Mom of 2 boys, and teacher, Vancouver British Columbia

To learn more or to purchase this Safety-Action Plan booklet that will aid with your child’s mental well-being, and to read more of what people are saying about my booklet, click on the link below now.


This booklet is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is recommended that one always seeks the advice of a physician, mental health professional, or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have pertaining to a medical condition



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