If you struggle with your mental health, we will all show up for you in this FREE virtual zoom chat  SUPPORT FOR DEPRESSION GROUP (SFDG)

            SUMMER HOURS: EVERY THURSDAY 7:30-9PM EST                   (flexible end time based on # of attendees)

Welcome! I am so pleased to be facilitating this group! My goal and wish is that you will find compassion, connectedness, inclusion and peer support in this safe, warm and welcoming environment. As a facilitator and someone that has suffered greatly with mental illness with 30 years lived experience and currently in remission for many years, my mission now is to help others. I am here to welcome and encourage interaction amongst us all and to provide new friendship along the way to all those that suffer! It’s about showing up for one another, listening to each other's issues & experiences, whatever they may be, and offering our support as a group whole.

Our group meets virtually every Thursday night We all lend our support to each other, give hope to one another, and have lots to take away from these meetings. There is always room for growth and healing amongst us all. We never stop learning! May these meetings be filled with inspiration and motivation, but mostly love & support for our fellow sufferer.

As facilitator & volunteer mental health advocate for this group, I set my coaching hat on the shelf and we become family! Our lives become an open book, free of anxiety, stress & pain. This is your time to just let it out with absolutely no judgement from our group members. Human connection is one of the most empowering coping strategies there is, and it is here that you will feel the comfort & lightness that you’ve been longing for! We’ve got your back and we will all show up for you!

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What members are saying

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful support group today. It was so much fun and I felt so, so much lighter inside after spending time connecting with the group. What a beautiful group of people, I love the gentle space you foster and how gentle and caring everyone was with each other's feelings and vulnerabilities. It is the leader of a support group that sets the atmosphere for how the group will unfold and it is clear that the group members have felt safe enough to come to the table and be themselves and to treat one another with kindness and compassion. I really enjoyed it tremendously”

Nancy, Ontario Canada

“The Support for Depression zoom chats has helped me tremendously. When I first joined, like most people, I was having trouble to make myself do things like just attend. I am so happy I pushed myself to go because it helped me so far with trying to stay sober and getting good advice/coping strategies for my mental health instead of bad ones like self medicating. I really enjoy this group because I never feel judged and everybody might be going through something different but we all can relate on feeling depression and anxiety. It is a warm and supportive environment and I am happy to have been invited and welcomed with open arms!”

Anonymous, Ontario Canada


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Email me at idanna.auger@hope4canada.com

Thank you for visiting with me. Let’s start turning your pain into meaning…today!

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